Abrasion and corrosion resistance sashimi knife

Basic Info

Model No.: Z-YS270

Product Description

There are different inches of sashimi knives such as Z-YS330, Z-YS300, Z-YS270, Z-YS240, Z-YS210.

There are two obviously advantages include 3 times knife sharpeness and 5 times abrasion resistance when comparaed with general knives. When you are cutting the food with this knife,the sharpness and hardness give you a luxury experience, feeling the art of cooking

Dilicious sashimi is required an extremely sharp knife.This is not because ordinary knife will not cut, but sharp knife can make the food to its best .And this sashimi knife can meet your needs. It can maintain 100% original taste and flavor of food and try hard not to destroy the cutting structure of food tissue cells because of its absolutly sharpness.

Japanese Sashimi Knife

Japanese Sashimi Knife


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