Kitchen Knive

It is no doubt that the sharpness is very important for knives as well as service life. Being compared with other knives, these kinds of knives are extremely sharp , expecially laser cladding knife included chef knife, Japanese knife and so on. The extremely sharp knife can maintain 100% original taste and flavor of food.They try hard not to destroy the cutting structure of food tissue cells. In addition, laser cladding is an indispensable high-end manufacturing technology in aerospace, vehicle manufacturing,petroleum exploration,military industry and nuclear power. The powder steel alloy welding in blade with laser cladding technology can greatly improve the sharpness of knives,abrasion resistance,heat resistance,corrosion resistance and so on. The most important is, the service life of laser cladding knife is much longer than other knives.

Except laser cladding technology, some blade of knife are made of 7CR17MOV and Damascus laminated steel material. These material are also have many advantages such as excellent sharpness and high hardness. When you are cutting the food with this knife, it was like a burning red iron sheet cutting the cheese, the pleasant sensation gives you the happiness you ever had.

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